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Commission Info

Welcome to The Cat Herd's Art Gallery!

General Information:

Please be aware that prices below are a guide - your quote may vary depending on character and concept complexity. Quoted prices are in GBP (British Pound Sterling).

We Prefer Drawing:

- SFW || - Anthro || - Chakats & Taurs || - Foxes || - Dragons || - Cats || - Pokémon || - Trans/Gender Non-Conforming Characters

We Will Draw:

- NSFW || - Any Species || - Any Gender || - Couples & Groups || - SFW Feral || - Nagas & Mermaids || - MLP || - Human(oid)s || - SFW Babyfur || - Light Mech (ask) || - Fanart || - Multi || - TF/TG

We Refuse to Draw:

- NSFW Babyfur/Underage || - Dub/Non-Con || - Abusive or Bigoted Content || - Heavy Mech || - NSFW Feral || - Specific Fetish (ask)

Additional Costs:

complex characters: +25% base price

extra characters +50% base price per character

Bust Shots - 60% of base price

Complex Backgrounds - Case-by-Case

Solid colour and simple patterns don't add a background fee

For sketches & icons, we take payment upfront.

For anything more complex, there is the option of half upfront, half on completion.

We prefer payment via Stripe. There is an additional fee for Paypal payments due to their high fees.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask us! You can ask for an estimate with no obligation to follow up.



Sketchy Icon Example
Lined Icon Example

Sketchy: £15
Includes very basic shading and a simple background (pride flag, gradient, pattern). 1000x1000 by standard.

Lined: £30
Includes cell shading and a simple background (pride flag, gradients, pattern). 1000x1000 by standard.


Flat Colored Sketch Example
Shaded Sketch Example

No Colour: £25

Flat Colours: £40

Shaded Colors: £65

Lined Pieces

Flat Colored Lines Example
Shaded Lines Example

Flat Colours: £75

Shaded Colors: £100


Portrait Painting Example
Full Painting Example

Portrait: £100

Full-Body: £150

Terms of Service


Anyone is entitled to a price quote at any time without any obligation to buy. For a price quote, you will need:

- Written or visual references of the character(s) involved. Written references may incur extra costs if I am having to essentially design the character for you.

- What kind of commission you would like (sketch, lined, shaded, etc.). If you want quotes for the same commission at different finishes, this is fine, please ask.

- Whether you require a background and what it is so I can gage complexity.

- An overview of the idea that you have (or if it’s artistic freedom).

- Whether you have a deadline & whether the image is for commercial use.

- Optional, but a thumbnail or references would help massively. Even if it’s a 5 minute MS Paint drawing or Pinterest board, I promise that I appreciate it.

Wills and Won’ts:

Please heed the list of Wills and Won’ts at the top of this document. If what you want isn’t listed, please ask and I will give you a definitive answer. I won’t judge!

That said, I reserve the right to refuse a commission for any or no reason. If I don’t think that I’m capable of completing the commission, I can offer some other lovely artists I know.

Turnaround & Process:

I aim to have a turnaround of one week for icon and sketch commissions, and up to a month for larger pieces. I can give you a better estimate during the price quote based on my current workload, feel free to ask.

Process Outline:

- You approach me for a quote.

- If we’re both happy to go forward with the idea, you’ll give me more information.

- For icons & sketches, you send payment upfront. Otherwise only half upfront is required, you may pay the other half at your convenience. I will invoice you via Stripe.

- I send you a rough sketch to make sure I’ve got the right idea, at which point you can give feedback and ask for major changes to poses, until we’re both happy to continue.

- I complete the piece at my pace. I may ask for your opinion and confirmation on details, and you may ask for an update at any time. I will usually check at the flat colour stage to make sure I’ve gotten markings right.

- Once the piece is complete and we are both happy, any remaining payment must be cleared. Then I will share the full image with you.


I will only offer refunds if I feel that I cannot complete the piece, or if there has been a misunderstanding regarding the nature of the piece. If this happens, I will return funds for any work that has not yet been done.