The Cat Herd

About Us

Welcome to The Cat Herd's Art Gallery!

Who're You?

We are The Cat Herd, we're a DID system of many. We do art commissions as a living, mostly focusing on fantasy, furry and fan works. Collectively we use any pronouns.

We created this site as a portfolio for ourselves, since most of our socials are mixed business and personal. This is a place for our art and our art alone that we can direct people to when they want to see examples of our work, along with our commission prices.

We are currently focusing a lot on Live2D models.

Why "The Cat Herd"?

Ever since we were young, we've had an affinity for cats. We grew up with three of them and have enjoyed the company of cats since. :) We have a lot in common with them, we love spending time with the people we're close to - on our terms. We like to play when we create with our art, and of course we like food and sleep too. Never mind that they're just plain adorable. Eventually we ended up adopting Cat as a first name.

The idea of The Cat Herd specifically came about when we latched on to the phrase "it's like herding cats!" as a way of saying that it's difficult to keep things in order or organise a group. That kind of fits how we feel about being a system, and being plural. Trying to organise us all to do the same thing really is like herding cats! We were already trying to figure out what to name ourselves as a collective, so the name stuck.

Are You a Furry?

Yes. :) We have a collective fursona called Cat.

A chakat-kitsune with mint and pastel yellow colored fur, and dark green rosettes in the shape of cat heads. They have purple eyes and dappled purple-pink skin and are waving in a friendly manner.